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Women's Jewelry

Glow like a firefly and shine like a diamond with our women’s collection. With Opal rings that will have you mesmerized, gold hoop earrings that will keep you noticed, and silver bracelets that will set you apart from the others. In fashion we trust and in gems, we follow. Find everything you need right here as you go through our wide collection of jewels and silverware for her. KĒMMI's variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will have you overwhelmed and stuck not knowing what to get for your next dinner plans with your partner or friends. Furthermore, great products can be also acquired from KĒMMI's store to give your loved ones as gifts for any occasion and maybe put a smile on their faces. Reach classy fashion and get in style now as our variety of jewelry collections are going to set the standards for the new-age trends. 

Size Guide



If you do not know your finger size at all, please visit findmyringsize.com.

If you are still unsure of your finger size, please refer to the US Size Chart measurements below:

Option 1: You can measure the diameter of one of your personal ring and look for the matching size on the chart.

XXS | Size 4 | 14.9 mm
XS | Size 5 | 15.7 mm
SMALL | Size 6 | 16.5 mm
MEDIUM | Size 7 | 17.5 mm
LARGE | Size 8 | 18 mm

Size 9: 19 mm
Size 10: 19.8 mm
Size 11: 20.2 mm
Size 12: 21 mm

Our Mens bracelets come in two different sizes, ‘Small medium’ and ‘Medium large’. The sizes in Centimetres are commonly used in Europe, which represents the length measured around the wrist. Both sizes are very popular. Size ‘Large Extra large / 23cm’ is still under special order.

US 7.5 / Small Medium / 19 cm
US 8.25 / Medium Large / 21 cm

Option 2: Save the Size Chart image and make sure to print out at 100% scale.
Place your ring on the corresponding size and make sure that the circle matches the inside of your ring.

If you are still unsure about your finger size, please visit a jeweller near your place and  they will size your finger for free and generally takes about 1 minute.

Feel free ton contact us if you have any questions info@kemmicollection.com