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Our story - Our Passion


The journey for Kemmi Collection all began when two long time friends, Kevin and Mimi, reunited in Montreal after being apart for several years.
Mimi obtained her masters degree in fashion design in Italy, while 
Kevin had gained experience working for multiple
high fashion houses in Canada.



Founders Kevin and Mimi developed a passion and dedication for creating
one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces while preserving the rich heritage of ancient jewelry making techniques. 

Artisans at Kemmi Collection are committed to making handcrafted jewelry with techniques passed down for generations.
Our passion for creating distinctive and meaningful jewelry is echoed by our dedication to building a sustainable future.



Kevin and Mimi have been working with the last generation of master silversmiths.

One of our goals is to help support full-time jobs for artisans, and with every purchase, apprentices
will become master silversmiths, and then mentors.
Kemmi Collection’s motto is: ‘bohemian luxury’.
While Kevin and Mimi have traveled the world in tune with their inner free spirit, they promote and describe
luxury by the amount of time and care that goes into every single piece of jewelry, most taking
up to four weeks to complete. 
At Kemmi jewelry, we work with 92.5 Sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and solid gold. Our silver is the highest quality silver standard worldwide.

Nowadays, the market is overwhelmed with fast fashion bohemian jewelry, made from poor 
metals in poor conditions, therefore not durable. On the other hand, good quality
 jewelry handmade by skilled silversmiths, are often extremely overpriced.
The problem is that the average consumer isn’t a jewelry connoisseur, and for this reason, our mission
is to offer quality Sterling silver jewelry and gold jewelry without the high price tags, while
informing our clientele with product knowledge.

Today we are excited to say that we sell around the world to all the
 people that appreciate true authenticity and high quality jewelry works.


Thank you for joining our journey and sharing our passion! Spread the love!
Yours truly,