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Snake Chain Onyx Bead Bracelet

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Yes yes, this silver handmade bracelet was stolen from the viper king, but come on you know we mean well! You'd understand when you see it in person, so mesmerizing. We like to call this baby Snake Chain Onyx Bead Bracelet.

Why This Snake Chain Onyx Bead Bracelet?
Black onyx beads, silver viper skin, what more can a person want from a bracelet? Man, reading this I don't feel like selling it anymore. Just kidding it's all yours if you want it, just order it now!

Jewelry Features:

  • Width: 8mm. Thickness: 5mm.
  • Black onyx beads.
  • Pusher clasp with security.
  • Solid sterling silver.
  • Handmade by Master Silversmith.